Adding Discoveries

Hyperview’s Discovery feature auto-detects and registers device assets – servers, routers, rack PDUs, and so on – that are connected to your network. In addition, Discovery runs (or “discoveries” for short) populate metadata, such as manufacturer-created device images, and updates existing device records.

To Add a Data Collector

Once you have installed the Data Collector (note: refer to Planning and Setup), you will need to add it in Hyperview.

  • Go to Discoveries > Data Collectors > Add Data Collector > Follow the instructions > Save.

Once the Data Collector is added, it will appear in the Data Collectors table.

To Add and Configure a Discovery

  • Go to Discoveries > Overview > Add > Enter details and Create.

The new discovery will appear in the Overview table. Discoveries are set to monitor newly-discovered assets by default. To configure the discovery, click Details.


  • Use the Basic Settings tab to update discovery details.
  • Use the IP Address tab to enter device IP address to include or exclude for the discovery.
  • Use the Protocol Settings dropdown to toggle or update various protocol-specific settings.
  • Use the Schedules tab to set the discovery run frequency.

To Run a Discovery and View Discovery Reports

  • Go to Discoveries > Overview > Browse to target row > Run Now.


A discovery report will appear. To see it:

  • Go to Discoveries > Overview > Browse to target row > Details > Discovery Report.

Additionally, the discovery’s Details pages will show a brief status.