Planning and Setup

Software Prerequisites

You must be running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. We strongly recommend using the latest version for security reasons.


For device auto-discovery, you need to install the Hyperview Data Collector on at least one server running Windows Server 2016 that is networked with your assets. Larger organizations may want to install the Data Collector on one or more servers in each location. You can download the Data Collector directly from the application: go to Discoveries > Data Collectors > Download Data Collector.

Network Prerequisites

You must grant Data Collectors access to the following network ports for asset auto-discovery. You will also need to grant the application inbound and outbound access in your firewall settings.

Protocol Ports Credential Requirements
SNMP 161, 162 Community string or user/pass
Modbus/TCP 502 Not required
BACnet/IP 87808 or UDP Not required
IPMI 623 and 1900 User/password
iLO 623 User/password
SSH 22 User/password or user/key
WMI 135 User/password
VMware 883 User/password

Data Prerequisites

We recommend gathering/deciding on the following information to make the onboarding process more streamlined.