Hyperview 1.0

May 28 2020

Hello, world

After years of hard work, long hours, dreams, and efforts to delight, Hyperview 1.0 is finally here! Thank you for joining us, dear user.

Hyperview is DCIM reinvented. A cloud-based Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software application that is the SaaS successor to our RAMP DCIM product. We designed it to provide best-in-class monitoring, capacity planning, and administration experiences for your data centers.

It’s the very embodiment of our mission to make critical infrastructure think.


Key features

Here are some cool things about Hyperview:


Hyperview was built from the ground up for the cloud. It works on all modern web browsers (we extensively test on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, and Mozilla Firefox). We strongly believe DCIM software shouldn’t take weeks and months to implement: you can get up and running on Hyperview in less than 10 minutes.


You can auto-discover devices connected to your network via Data Collectors installed on your physical or virtual servers. The discovery process retrieves and automatically updates asset metadata, sensor information, and configuration data. (You can also bulk import assets, of course.)

Role-based access

What features and data that you can access in Hyperview depends on your user role. For example, if you’re a Data Center Manager you can perform everything you’ll need to do in your position, but you can’t apply any global changes (such as change the locale settings) like Administrators can.

Ease of integration

Hyperview is built as a RESTful, API-first product, so it’s easy to hook it up with your favorite application.

Per-asset access

You can specifically control who gets to access an asset using easy-to-configure Access Control Policies.

For early access customers

This section covers significant new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Hyperview 1.0 release since Beta 2.

External Login feature

Users can use third-party credentials to single sign-on to Hyperview. Currently only Microsoft Authentication is supported. The associated Microsoft account (such as a Microsoft 365 account)must be linked to the current Hyperview user before using the feature.

SNMP trap management

Starting with this version, Hyperview features improved asset event management. Specifically, we have added support for SNMP traps. For example if a device overheatsand sends an SNMP trap, then the change will result in an event on the asset. Events can now be managed under the Events tab on asset pages.

Asset notification subscriptions

Starting with 1.0. you can subscribe to asset events by adding “watches”. If an event is received for a watched asset, then the Hyperview users who are watching it will receive a change notification email.

IxOS REST protocol support

IxOS support has been upgraded to the latest REST-based management protocol.

Power Path visualization

Hyperview can now manage and visualize what power sources an asset is directly or indirectly connected to. You can interact with visual blocks and connections corresponding to real-world assets and power linkage from an asset page’s Information > Power Path. Furthermore, you can manage power sources for a given asset from Information > Power.