Hyperview 1.1

July 17 2020

This page covers significant new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Hyperview 1.1.x since version 1.0.

Search improvements

The Search functionality in Hyperview has been significantly improved. While there is no apparent change in the GUI, search results are displayed in real-time, are faster, and more relevant. For example, you can search for assets by name, property, custom property, and so on.

Rack PDU outlets

Administrators can now conveniently connect and disconnect assets to Rack PDU outlets from the Layout and Information → Power pages.

Reporting and Read-Only user roles

The Read-Only role is now fully implemented. Users belonging to this role only have read-only access to the entire application, with the only exception being the ability to update and maintain one’s own user profile. The Reporting role is currently identical to the Read-Only role, but it is intended to be me more specific to reporting use cases (across future releases).

Support for rack door access sensors

Starting with this version, Hyperview supports security-enabled racks that have door sensors attached to them. (Note: this is a licensed feature which is not available in the product by default; please contact us if you are interested). For instance, if the rack’s front or rear door is open, the rack security status will be marked as Critical so that you are alerted to the issue. Relevant features and improvements also include:

  • Event notifications for watched security-enabled racks
  • Rack security traps can be reviewed in the asset’s Events page
  • Columns for rack door sensors on the Assets by Type page
  • Rack Elevation widget highlights the rack security status
  • A new Rack Security widget, which can be added from the rack’s Dashboard

Other notable improvements

  • Map layout has been improved to support displaying a much larger set of locations. Note: please re-edit and save address information to activate this feature.
  • This release includes several display improvements aimed at Firefox users.

API changes

All API changes are reflected in the corresponding Open API (aka Swagger) interfaces, which can be accessed from the Help menu.

New endpoints and improvements

The following endpoints have been added to the Hyperview API:

  • /api/v1/asset/assetsByType/racks returns a list of rack assets.
  • /api/v1/asset/outlets returns a list of outlets for a given asset
  • /api/v1/setting/license returns application license information.
  • /api/v1/asset/rackSecurity/{assetId} returns rack security sensors for the Rack Security widget (note: this is a licensed feature).
  • /api/v1/asset/search returns a list of assets based on search criteria.

In addition, /api/v1/asset/eventRecipientNotification/{assetId} has been renamed to /api/v1/asset/eventNotificationRecipient/{assetId} to reflect improved object definitions.

Documentation changes

Notable bug fixes

  • AS-6266 Fixed power reading for Panduit Gen5/Enlogic PDU.
  • AS-6539 Fixed issue where Administrator-set Locale settings did not persist for Data Center Managers and Power Users.
  • AS-6044 Fixed issue causing Gateway PDUs to change into Unknown asset type.
  • AS-6045 Added missing model details for Panduit Rack PDUs.
  • AS-6046 Gateway PDU firmware versions are now displayed correctly.
  • AS-6602 Temperature and humidity sensors can now be linked to the same location in the Sensors grid.
  • AS-6657 You can now add a utility breaker as a power source.
  • AS-6671 You can now add CRAH and Chiller asset types to the layout grid.

Changes in version 1.1.1

Bug fixes

  • AS-6841 Fixed an issue that prevented Data Center Managers and Power Users from editing custom property values.

Changes in version 1.1.2

Bug fixes

  • AS-6860 Fixed an issue regarding sensor data handling for devices which do not return sensor names.