Hyperview 1.3

October 21 2020

This page covers significant new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Hyperview 1.3.x since version 1.2.x.

Power aggregations and PUE

Starting with version 1.3, Hyperview features a number of computed sensors (accessible from Information → Sensors) to help you make more informed power distribution decisions. Locations’ sensor pages now list PUE1, PUE2, and PUE3. The following computed sensors have been added at the rack level: rackTotalPowerBasedOnPowerProvidingDevices, rackTotalPowerBasedOnPowerConsumingDevices, and rackTotalPowerBasedOnLinkedPowerSensors. Please note that certain sensor values may require one or more monitoring cycles to be generated.

Bulk delete assets

Administrators and Data Center Managers can now bulk delete assets (Bulk Actions → Delete) from the Assets By Type grid, the Assets By Location grid, and the Advanced Search grid. A maximum of 1000 assets can be bulk deleted at a time. The user can choose to receive a confirmation email once the job is completed.

Configure sensor polling intervals

Administrators can now configure global settings for sensor polling intervals. The polling interval can be set from Settings → Sensors → Polling. The minimum polling interval is 5 minutes; however, please note that the actual interval may vary due network latency and saturation, destination device load, Data Collector load, and device reachability.

Sensor graphs and data

Starting with 1.3, all users with read access can generate sensor graphs from an asset’s Sensors page (Information → Sensors → Graph). Graphs can be generated for both numeric and string values over a UTC time interval. Daily sensor data summaries can be stored for up to ten years, depending on your Hyperview license.

Layout enhancements

Delete or remove multiple layout items

You can now multi-select and delete shapes, tiles, and labels from a layout. Similarly, you can multi-select and remove assets.

SVG support

Starting with version 1.3, you can upload layout images in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Dynamic model representation

If you change the model of an asset currently showing in the layout, the asset will be automatically updated to resemble the correct model — instead of having to manually remove and re-add the asset.

Improved restrictions

If a layout has a background image, you won’t be able to remove it until you have removed existing layout items.

Asset Hierarchy enhancements

Faster loading time

The Asset Hierarchy has been improved to expand branches up to 200% faster, especially if you have a large number of locations and assets.

Improved scrollbar

The Asset Hierarchy scroll bar has been fine-tuned to prevent accidental drag-and-drops.

Improved sorting

The Asset Hierarchy is now sorted by locations, racks, then everything else (in that order).

Other notable improvements

  • The Rack Elevation widget now scales smoothly in Firefox and Edge Chromium when you resize the browser windows.
  • The Reset Password page now only accepts complete email addresses to prevent human error.
  • The Change Log and Application Log grids can now be exported.
  • Custom property values of string type now support special characters.

API changes

All API changes are reflected in the corresponding Open API (aka Swagger) interfaces, which can be accessed from the Help menu.

New endpoints and improvements

The following endpoints have been added to the Hyperview API:

  • /api/v1/asset/bulk/assets/delete sends an asset bulk delete request.
  • /api/v1/asset/search now supports additional optional fields (no breaking changes).
  • /api/v1/asset/search/facets returns all search entries matching the specified facet (i.e. grouping).
  • /api/v1/setting/systemSettings/dataCollector/{dataCollectorSetting} lets you retrieve or update a Data Collector setting.


The /api/v1/asset/search is subject to minor changes in upcoming releases.

In addition, various object definitions have been improved for the Hyperview and Data Collector APIs. No Data Collector API endpoints have been added or updated in this release.

Deprecated endpoints

No endpoints have been deprecated in this release.

Known issues

  • AS-2355 Page count does not update dynamically when the application window is resized.
  • AS-5489 The “Show Selected Racks” button is active even when there are no racks to select in a layout.
  • AS-6161 The Rack Space KPIs widget duplicates the Rack Space Efficiency and Rack Utilization keys.
  • AS-6294 Size restrictions for Dashboard widgets are often incorrectly applied, leading to very large or duplicated widgets.
  • AS-6294 Discovering certain Dell PowerEdge servers via IPMI captures device data, but does not display it on the UI.
  • AS-6771 Custom property choices are not sorted in the dropdown.
  • AS-7333 The application does not refresh when resizing vertically.
  • AS-7631 SSH key discoveries do not work using new keys.
  • AS-7635 Some IPMI servers show the same NIC twice.
  • AS-7641 Info boxes are missing on discovery details pages for Included IP Addresses and Excluded IP Addresses.
  • AS-7654 Panduit Gen3 (Unite/Sinetica based) rack PDUs appear as environmental monitors.
  • AS-7746 The Model dropdown is not showing discovered models during asset creation.
  • AS-7755 Attempting to update virtual server names throws an API exception.
  • AS-7761 Asset discovery reports are not updating the discovery time for the last discovery run.
  • AS-7769 Discovering Eaton rack PDUs throw an unhandled exception.
  • AS-7804 The Swagger interfaces for Hyperview API and Data Collector API (under the Help menu) cannot be used to make API calls. As a workaround, you can copy the generated code from Swagger to make calls using a REST API client, such as Postman.

Notable bug fixes

  • AS-6819 Addressed a firmware issue with Panduit Gen5 PDUs that was arbitrarily swapping temperature sensor names.
  • AS-5462 Fixed a scrolling issue with the Rack Elevation widget.
  • AS-7282 In some cases, invalid outlet status values were being generated for Panduit Gen5 rack PDUs. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7759 The Add New modal would crash while adding certain assets. This has been fixed.

Changes in version 1.3.1

Bug fixes

  • AS-7591 Right-clicking in the Asset Hierarchy tree would open the browser context menu instead of the application context menu. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7744 If you applied Advanced Search filters and did not get any matches for your query, the expected “No assets match your search” message would not get displayed. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7754 An API exception would be thrown while attempting to reset model properties related to rack units. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7755 Addressed an issue that prevented renaming existing virtual servers.
  • AS-7760 Users were incorrectly allowed to delete enum values for a location’s Location Type and Rack Total Power Setting properties. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7767 Multi-rack views were not showing Rack Security information for Rack Security licensed instances. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7804 The Swagger interfaces for Hyperview API and Data Collector API (under the Help menu) could not be used to make API calls. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7810 The RackTotalPowerBasedOnPowerConsumingDevices rack sensor was not being computed correctly for power-consuming child devices. This has been addressed.