Hyperview 1.4

November 27 2020

This page covers significant new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Hyperview 1.4.x since version 1.3.x.

Advanced Search enhancements

“Best fit” search refinements

You can now add filters for location, rack total power, rack security sensor value and status, and largest available contiguous rack space (aka “best fit”). This makes it trivial to search for, for example, a rack in your Florida data center with a total power of at least 2000W which has locked front and back doors, and has more than 10 free rack units.

Asset status column

The Advanced Search grid now has a Status column by default.

Ability to explicitly remove Location filter

Previously you had to reset filters to remove an applied Location filter. Now you can remove the Location filter like any other filter.

Sensor management enhancements

Sensor thresholds

Starting with Hyperview 1.4, Administrators can configure sensor thresholds from Settings → Sensors → Thresholds. This includes adding, removing, enabling, and disabling sensor thresholds. Once a certain threshold is reached, it will generate a relevant event in the application. Depending on the event severity and event notification rules, a notification email will be sent to the user, as appropriate. For example, you can define a sensor threshold to throw a warning whenever a server’s temperature exceeds 85°F. You can even add an optional “And” condition to fine-tune thresholds even further.

Improved sensor deletion

Deleting a sensor now also deletes its historical data. Admin-only.

Improved polling for asset sensors

Traps received for a given asset now trigger the Data Collector to retrieve the latest asset information.

Blade asset enhancements

Bay location data for Blade devices

Blade devices now list the bay location as an asset property. The property value is auto-detected during discoveries (whenever possible).

Improved support for Blade Enclosure as a location

The process of adding a Blade Server, Blade Network or Blade Storage to a Blade Enclosure has been simplified. Since bay location is now an asset property, the “Place in Blade Enclosure” modal no longer appears while dragging Blade devices in the asset hierarchy tree from one Blade Enclosure to another.

Improved Blade Enclosure sensors

The rackTotalPowerBasedOnChildConsumingDevices computed sensor for racks has been improved to account for all related power consuming devices. Power from Blade Enclosures is now taken into account.

Rack Security enhancements (licensed feature)

Rack Security status in Asset Hierarchy

Provided you have the Rack Security license, the Asset Hierarchy tree now shows the lock icon (reflecting the appropriate status) for Rack Security-enabled racks.

Other notable enhancements

  • Administrators can now initiate password reset requests on behalf of other users. Note that this does not apply to locked user accounts.
  • The Asset Types tree now shows the asset count for each type. Note that count values will only reflect assets that the current user has access to.
  • The Sensors grid can now be sorted by Type, Value, Source Protocol, Source Asset, Position, and Last Updated columns (in addition to existing sortable columns).
  • Label text is now consistent across the Login page for login links.
  • Improved Application Log event details template for CIDR Ranges.

API changes

All API changes are reflected in the corresponding Open API (aka Swagger) interfaces, which can be accessed from the Help menu.

Breaking change: removed /availableBladeEnclosureSpace

The /api/v1/asset/availableBladeEnclosureSpace endpoint has been removed. Corresponding functionality has been removed from the UI as well; for details, refer to the “Blade asset enhancements” section above.

Breaking change: updated /sensors

The response body for /api/v1/asset/sensors/{assetId} previously resembled:

  data: [ ... ]
  _metadata: { ... }

Which has now been updated to return an array of JSON objects:


In addition, the (after), (limit), (sort) and (filter) query parameters are no longer available.

Other new endpoints and improvements

  • The /api/v1/setting/sensorThreshold endpoint lets you add and retrieve sensor thresholds.
  • /api/v1/setting/sensorThreshold/{sensorThresholdId} lets you update and delete a specific sensor threshold.
  • The /api/v1/asset/rackSecurity/{locationId}/racks endpoint returns all rack security sensors associated with a specific location.
  • The /api/v1/setting/sensorTypeAssetType endpoint now has an optional sensorTypeValueType query parameter that lets you specify the sensor type (numeric or enum).

In addition, various object definitions have been improved for the Hyperview and Data Collector APIs. No Data Collector API endpoints have been added or updated in this release.

Known issues

  • AS-2355 If you maximize the browser window while in a mobile window width, the number of pages does not get updated.
  • AS-5781 Devices in the “Juniper EX Stacked Switch” definition stack are merging together when they should not.
  • AS-6161 The Rack Space KPIs widget for location dashboards is repeating legend values.
  • AS-6484 IPMI device discovery collects device data but does not surface it in the UI.
  • AS-6821 Tooltips for Change Log events are not consistent across supported browsers.
  • AS-7118 Data Collector-initiated control requests for Panduit SmartZone G5 Rack PDUs are resulting in a timeout for SNMP Version 3 Authentication Privacy credential combinations.
  • AS-7630 Detected a race condition that causes SSH-discovered server components and software to be duplicated.
  • AS-7631 SSH key discoveries don’t work with new keys.
  • AS-7640 Device data for SSH-discovered servers is inaccurate.
  • AS-7846 Asset types listed in the Assets By Type widget for locations appear unsorted.
  • AS-7867 Cannot use the browser’s Back button from an asset dashboard to return to an Asset by Type grid.
  • AS-7879 The All location in the asset hierarchy tree does not always expand by default.
  • AS-8144 Scheduled discoveries are not translating to the correct timezone.

Notable bug fixes

  • AS-6771 Custom property choices were not being sorted in the dropdown. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7596 Sorting access policies using the Last Updated column would throw an error. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7587 An incorrect warning message would be displayed while merging an asset with another asset. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7635 Some IPMI servers were showing the same NIC twice. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7641 Info boxes were missing on discovery details pages for Included IP Addresses and Excluded IP Addresses. This has been addressed.