Hyperview 1.6

February 01 2021

This page covers significant new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Hyperview 1.6.x since version 1.5.x.

User provisioning with Azure AD

Hyperview now supports auto-provisioning user accounts for Azure Active Directory domains. Administrators can use the new User Provisioning page (Account → Profile → User Provisioning) to view and manage Azure AD domains, which are mapped to specific user roles and groups.

For example, you can create an Azure AD domain for Data Center Managers who are spread across the “DCM 1”, “DCM 2”, and “DCM 3” groups. Corresponding users will be auto-provisioned upon logging into Hyperview with their Microsoft login; you do not need to manually create user accounts for them.

On the other hand, users who do not belong to a configured Azure AD domain will get an “Access Denied” upon trying to log in with their external login credentials, thereby ensuring that only intended individuals have application access.

Enhanced user management

Administrators can now use the Users page (Account → Profile → Users) to bulk-update existing user accounts and export grid data.

The new Bulk Actions menu lets you perform the following actions against one or more selected users: Lock, Unlock, Add To Group, Remove From Group, Enable External Login Required, Disable External Login Required, Delete. Any non-applicable contexts, such as the fact that you cannot delete your own user account, will automatically be taken into consideration by the application. As a result, if you try to delete all existing user accounts including your own, the command will be processed but your account will not be deleted.

The new Export button lets you export the data and columns currently showing in the grid in XLSX format, and behaves like the same feature elsewhere in the application.

Improved support for busways

Starting with Hyperview 1.6, busways can be specified as power sources for other assets (browse to asset → Information → Power). Currently, one outlet is supported per busway tap-off, and a single asset can be connected to a tap-off outlet. Correspondingly, asset power paths (browse to asset → Information → Power Path) now show connected busways.

Furthermore, busway assets now have a Layout page (browse to busway → click Layout tab), which lets users view a grid of existing tap-offs. Power Users and above can use the Layout page to add, edit, or delete tap-offs, as well as connect or disconnect assets.

Non-numeric BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP sensor definitions

Administrators can now define non-numeric sensors as part of BACnet/IP definitions (Settings → BACnet/IP Definitions) and Modbus TCP definitions (Settings → Modbus TCP Definitions). For either protocol, use the new Non-numeric Sensors tab to search and manage non-numeric sensor definitions.

Enhanced sensor analytics

Several 1.6 features allow users to analyze sensor data more efficiently.

The Sensors page (browse to asset → Information → Sensors) now lets you download raw sensor data in CSV format via a new Export Data button. This is available to all Hyperview users irrespective of role, provided that they have access to the asset in question.

In addition, you can now select a custom date range while using the Graph button to generate a sensor graph. Furthermore, generated graphs can be exported as JPEG, PDF, PNG, or SVG files.

Other notable enhancements

  • The map marker tooltip for Map layouts has been improved to be more legible.

API changes

All API changes are reflected in the corresponding Open API (aka Swagger) interfaces, which can be accessed from the Help menu.

The following endpoints have been added to the Hyperview API. Additionally, various object definitions have been improved for the Hyperview and Data Collector APIs. No Data Collector API endpoints were added or updated.

New /buswayTapOffs endpoints

  • /api/v1/asset/availablePowerSources/buswayTapOffs/{id} returns available busway tap-offs.
  • /api/v1/asset/buswayTapOff/{assetId} lets you retrieve a list of busway tap-offs, or create a busway tap-off.
  • /api/v1/asset/buswayTapOff/{buswayTapOffId} lets you update or delete an existing busway tap-off.

New /bacnetIpDefinitions/bacnetIpNonNumericSensors endpoints

  • /api/v1/setting/bacnetIpDefinitions/bacnetIpNonNumericSensors/{bacnetIpDefinitionId} lets you retrieve a list of BACnet/IP non-numeric sensor definitions, or create one.
  • /api/v1/setting/bacnetIpDefinitions/bacnetIpNonNumericSensors/{bacnetIpDefinitionId}/{bacnetIpNonNumericSensorId} lets you update or delete an existing BACnet/IP non-numeric sensor definition.

New /modbusTcpDefinitions/modbusTcpNonNumericSensors endpoints

  • /api/v1/setting/modbusTcpDefinitions/modbusTcpNonNumericSensors/{modbusTcpDefinitionId} lets you retrieve a list of Modbus TCP non-numeric sensor definitions, or create one.
  • /api/v1/setting/modbusTcpDefinitions/modbusTcpNonNumericSensors/{modbusTcpDefinitionId}/{modbusTcpNonNumericSensorId} lets you update or delete an existing Modbus TCP non-numeric sensor definition.

Deprecated endpoints

No endpoints were deprecated in this release.

Known issues

  • AS-8170 The user session expires after a short period of inactivity if you have Hyperview open across multiple browser tabs.
  • AS-8626 Pressing the Enter key while adding a new custom property throws a validation error.

Notable bug fixes

  • AS-8126 (Rack Security-licensed instances only) The Asset Hierarchy tree was over-fetching rack security-enabled racks. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8160 While bulk deleting Advanced Search rows, the operation would remember row selections from previous queries. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8181 While adding SNMP ports for discovery, invalid port numbers were automatically getting assigned default values. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8338 (API only) PUT /api/v1/asset/monitorOnlyCommunicationSetting/{​​assetId}​​ now correctly updates the monitoring state for assets that are set to a Discovered monitoring profile.
  • AS-8398 (Rack Security-licensed instances only) Swipe card alarm events were not always masking the card ID. This has been addressed.
  • AS-8436 While manually adding a new asset, the Definition list for BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP monitoring profiles would not get refreshed if you changed the Type. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8455 A console error would be thrown while adding an Address value to a location for the first time.