Hyperview 2.0

February 25 2021

This page covers significant changes and bug fixes in Hyperview 2.0.x since version 1.6.x.


Please ensure you have the latest Data Collector installed for optimal device discovery.

API changes

All API changes are reflected in the corresponding Open API (aka Swagger) interfaces, which can be accessed from the Help menu.

Breaking change: endpoints renamed

The following endpoints have been renamed to align with planned features.

  • /api​/v2​/setting​/discoveryRunner is now ​/api​/v2​/setting​/discoveryRunner/{discoveryId}.
  • /api/v2/setting/discoveryRunner/abort has been renamed to /api/v2/setting/discoveryRunner/{discoveryId}/abort.

Breaking change: endpoints removed

The following deprecated routes have been removed from the Hyperview API:

  • /api​/v2​/asset​/containedAssets​/{parentId}
  • /api/v2/asset/search/quickSearch
  • /api/v2/setting/localeSettings

Additional changes

Various object definitions were improved for the Hyperview and Data Collector APIs.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • The Role and Groups columns in the User Provisioning grid have been renamed to “Default Role” and “Default Groups” respectively for clarity.
  • For ease of use, asset types associated with BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP definitions can no longer be updated once the definition has been created.
  • Sensor types that are currently not used by the application have been removed.
  • Asset Change Log messages related to refreshing BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP definitions have been improved to mention the definition.
  • Busway tap-off names are now unique.
  • Grid export performance has been improved.
  • Google maps API and map rendering support has been improved.
  • Various significant backend improvements have been made to enhance the stability, responsiveness, and scalability of the application.

Notable bug fixes

  • AS-7186 APC AP8961 rack PDUs were incorrectly showing a Rated Voltage value of -1. This has been fixed.
  • AS-7333 The application would not refresh while resizing vertically. This has been addressed.
  • AS-7630 Addressed a race condition related to SSH discoveries.
  • AS-7879 The All location in the Asset Hierarchy would not always expand by default. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8144 Scheduled discoveries were not translating to the correct timezone. This has been addressed. Note that relevant grids and modals now explicitly mention that the timezone used is UTC.
  • AS-8180 Some menu items were not getting translated into Spanish upon updating the locale. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8180 Users could incorrectly set the RackU size of a rack to 0. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8408 Discoveries would not retrieve software information for FreeBSD servers. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8427 Placing a small UPS in a rack and subsequently changing the small UPS to a UPS caused the location picker to stop working. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8442 Once saved, Asset Lifecycle fields could not be cleared. This has been addressed.
  • AS-8583 Change log entries related to custom component property changes would not identify the custom component itself. This has been fixed.
  • AS-8588 PDU breakers, busway tap-offs, and component assets were not reindexed upon connecting to assets, causing those power associations to not appear in relevant Power Path views. This has been fixed.

Known issues

  • AS-8626 Pressing the Enter key while adding a custom property results in the form values getting cleared.
  • AS-8630 Custom property deletion events in the Change Log state “nothing” instead of the actual property value.
  • AS-8737 Power providing devices with a layout can be associated with unknown devices.