Administering user accounts

Only Administrator users can perform user administration tasks. These are:

  • Managing domains
  • Managing users
  • Managing API clients

Managing Domains

A “domain” implies a corporate email domain. Most organizations have one unique domain, but others may have different domains for sub-organizations.


You must add a domain before you can add any users. The primary domain for your organization will be created during the Hyperview onboarding process.

Adding a new domain

1. Go to Domains → Add Domain. 3. Enter a valid corporate domain.

The page will refresh showing a confirmation message and the newly added domain.

Removing a domain

  • Click the domain’s Remove button.

A confirmation message will appear upon deletion.

Managing users

You can add, edit, lock or delete user accounts.

Adding a user

  1. Go to Users → Add User.
  2. Provide user details. Note that:
  • You cannot update a user’s email address after the account has been created.
  • You will need to select a pre-existing domain for email.
  • The password must be 6-100 characters and have at least one of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, digit, symbol.
  • Assign a role as appropriate (refer to the “User roles” section in Introduction).
  1. Click Add.

The page will refresh showing a confirmation message and the newly added user.


Updating a user

  • To edit an existing user, click the Edit button and follow the aforementioned steps.

Locking and unlocking a user

You can lock a user account indefinitely, until you choose to unlock it again.

  • To lock an existing user, click Lock.
  • To unlock a locked user, click Unlock.

The change will take effect immediately.

Deleting a user

  • To delete an existing user, click Delete → Delete.

A confirmation message will appear and the user will no longer be listed in the system.

Managing API clients

You can create user accounts for API clients, which let you programmatically integrate with Hyperview’s RESTful APIs.

Adding an API client account

  1. In the user management portal, under User Administration click API Clients → Add API Client.
  2. Provide values for Description, Role, and Access Policies. If you are unsure of which access policy to use for the API client, select Default.
  3. Click Add and Download Credentials. A “client_credential.json” will be downloaded to your browser’s default download location. A confirmation message will appear in Hyperview, and the API client will be listed.



Please treat your API client credentials as you would for a human user, and store it in a safe place. The Client ID and Secret values cannot be modified after the API client has been created. If you have previously downloaded the client credentials file, an incremental digit will automatically get appended to the filename (such as “client_credential (2).json” in Google Chrome).

Deleting an API client account

  • Click the Delete button on the intended row.

A confirmation message will appear.