Supported asset types

The following asset types are supported in Hyperview.

Device, rack, and location asset types


  • Busway
  • Camera
  • Chiller
  • CRAC
  • CRAH
  • Environmental
  • Fire Control Panel
  • In Row Cooling
  • Monitor


  • Generator
  • Power Meter (discovery-only; cannot be added or imported manually)
  • Rack PDU
  • Small UPS
  • UPS
  • Utility Breaker

Locations, racks, and enclosures

  • Blade Enclosure
  • Location
  • Rack

Servers, networks, and storage

  • Blade Network
  • Blade Server
  • Blade Storage
  • Network Storage
  • Node Server
  • Server
  • Virtual Server

Switches and panels

  • KVM Switch
  • Patch Panel
  • Network Switch
  • Transfer Switch

Additional types

  • Other Device (for devices which do not belong to any of the other asset types)
  • Unknown (discovery-only; cannot be added or imported manually)


You can use the Asset Types tree to see which asset types (except Location) are present in your system. If you are not an Administrator, you will only see asset types corresponding to devices that you have access to.

Component asset types

The following asset types are only supported as component assets — that is, assets which constitute other assets. Component assets appear on the Components (asset → Information → Components) and Network Components (asset → Information → Network Components) pages in Hyperview.


Component assets are auto-detected by Hyperview. You can search for them, but you cannot add or import them manually.

  • Application
  • Busway Tap Off
  • Cable
  • IP Address
  • Memory
  • NIC
  • Operating System
  • Outlet
  • PDU/RPP Breaker
  • Physical Storage
  • Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Transceiver