Best practices

  • Only configure protocols that are known to be supported for the devices you intend to discover.
  • Wherever possible, avoid configuring discoveries with class-C or large IP address ranges. Instead, configure smaller IP address ranges with the goal of keeping the potential number of discovered devices (based on the configured IP address range) to a manageable size. The objective is to have many smaller discoveries as opposed to fewer large discoveries.
  • If you know the exact devices you want to discover and monitor within a specific discovery, use the list option to add the exact IP addresses.

Note that these recommendations are based on the fact that it is more manageable to troubleshoot a discovery with a small number of unidentified or misidentified devices, as opposed to troubleshooting a discovery containing hundreds (or thousands) of unidentified/misidentified devices.

Additionally, a discovery with hundreds or thousands of devices may take hours to complete.