10. RAMP licensing

10.1. What are the different types of licenses and how do they behave?

Type Expires? Has limit on number of devices? Must call home? Must call home after activation?
Perpetual No Yes Yes No
Subscription No Yes Yes Yes
Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes

10.2. What does RAMP report?

For purposes of billing and facilitating support, RAMP sends to Hyperview a summary of the total count for each type of asset as well as the RAMP software version. No other data is trasmitted back to Hyperview.

10.3. Which assets are billable and which assets are not?

10.3.1. Billable

  • Device
  • Power Meter
  • Generator
  • Utility Breaker
  • Blade Network
  • Busway
  • Transfer Switch
  • In Row Cooling
  • Blade Enclosure
  • Camera
  • UPS
  • Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Fire Control Panel
  • Blade Server
  • Rack PDU
  • Rack/Tower UPS
  • Environmental Monitor
  • Network Storage
  • Network
  • CRAC
  • Chiller
  • Blade Storage
  • Cloud Server
  • CRAH

10.3.2. Non Billable

  • Physical Group
  • Unknown
  • Rack
  • Logical Group
  • Unknown Group
  • Utility
  • Expansion Module
  • Patch Panel

10.4. What URL does RAMP communicate with to send billing reports?

Prior to RAMP Release 3.10: The URL that RAMP communicate with to send billing reports is: https://www.hyperviewhq.com

Starting with RAMP Release 3.11: The URL that RAMP communicate with to send billing reports is: https://license.hyperviewhq.com

10.5. How often does RAMP report back home?

Prior to RAMP 3.11, RAMP calls home hourly. From RAMP 3.11 onwards, RAMP calls home once a day.

10.6. What happens when the number of assets change midterm?

Hyperview’s licensing server calculates the average number of assets reported for the month.