14. End of Life and Support Policy

14.1. End of Life Announcement

A formal declaration of the date that the major software release identified in the End of Life announcement will no longer be eligible to receive technical support nor be eligible for software patches to correct software issues.

14.2. Software Version Naming Convention


x= Major version

y= Minor version

z= Patch version

14.3. Support Policy on Versions

For supported software releases, Hyperview will provide technical support and/or software patches to resolve critical and high severity issues.

For critical or high severity issues reported against unsupported software releases, Hyperview will provide technical support to restore service. As part of troublehooting, users may be requested to upgrade to a currently supported software release. As noted in following section, no software fixes will be provided on unsupported software.

Major Version

Minor Version

Patch Version

3-years following availability of a new major software release and EOL announcement.

Current release plus two previous minor releases.

Current release

14.4. Software patches

Software patches will be built on the latest version of the software release stream.

Example: a user is running end-of-life software a.b.c. and they report a software issue on this release. The user will be asked to upgrade to the most current software (EX x.y.z) or a minimum of most current -3 minor sofware versions (EX. x.y.z-3). If the software issue is still present, the fix will be added to software x.y.x+1.