5. Data Collector process freezes at startup

5.1. Known issues: IPSwitch & WinPCap

Our company encourages our customers and/or partners to install RAMP DCIM on a dedicated server to prevent issues regarding our data collector. We do not support Data Collector installations made on servers with additional software (Such as IPSwitch) as this might trigger conflicts with the way data is sent over and collected by all deployed Data Collector(s).

  • Note: Our Data Collector software can be installed on a Virtual Machine.

Usually, a sign that there’s an issue, is when the Data Collector seems to “freeze” at startup and the its logs are empty. This symptom allows us to know that it’s very likely that some sort of resource contention is occurring.

5.2. Fix

In order to resolve the issue, the user must uninstall WinPCap and then re-install it again. This will take care of the issue most of the times, if the issue still isn’t resolved, please email support@hyperviewhq.com with a detailed description of the issue.