RAMP Version 3.8

New Features

  • Added support for expansion modules
  • Added support for currencies other than USD.
  • Enhanced Modbus TCP Slave mappings to support more than one temperature and one humidity per RPDU.
  • Enhanced power calculations for locations with child locations.

Device Support

  • Added support for Enlogic ES models.
  • Added support for Cisco DS-C9148S-K9.

Bug Fixes

  • Search
    • Fixed unexpected behavior when doing bulk changes after selecting and deselecting racks
  • Visual View
    • Fixed issue with user unable to remove background image
    • Fixed issue with user unable to drag busway on visual editor
    • Fixed issue with delete action not behaving as expected
    • Miscellaneous other fixes
  • Fixed issue with report parameters not being passed with the correct encoding.
  • Fixed issue with power cost per year for rack displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue with rack PDU/RPP report listing “False” for its temperature/humidity sensor values.
  • Fixed issue preventing user from deleting a Modbus definition if it is in use.
  • Fixed issue with first outlet number being ‘0’ when the model outlet count is increased.
  • Fixed issue allowing IP addresses to be deleted both automatically during discovery and manually by the user.
  • Fixed issue with Modbus device being deleted if device responds to another protocol.
  • Fixed issue with reports for contracts not showing correctly.