RAMP Version 3.9

New Features

  • Enhanced RAMP DCIM User Interface.
  • VMWare OS Version Number detection.
  • Enhanced the quick search to include assets that have a parent location.
  • Customers can execute a “Planned Move” and move assets from one rack to another:
    • Schedule the move or do it on-the-fly.
    • Pre-calculation of available rack space and power.
    • Move assets across multiple locations.
    • Keep a record of assets which were moved or deleted.
  • Customers can access a new view of multiple racks in different locations.
  • Custom properties can be defined when manually adding and reserving assets.
  • Included “Quick Add” functionality when reserving devices.
  • Customers can bulk-edit multiple custom properties at the same time.
  • New “Clipboard” functionality to move assets across racks in a multi-rack view.
  • Customers can see the “Available power” per rack in a multi-rack view.

Device Support

  • Added functionality for Intel Servers that do not have serial numbers on the chassis to display the board serial number instead.
  • Added support for HPE ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 Devices (Server & Storage).

Bug Fixes

  • Alarms
    • Alarms set to the “All” location are seen within the Global Event Log.
  • Custom Properties
    • Field length increased.
  • Discoveries
    • Fixed the IP Range dialog border.
  • Device Type Rollup Screen
    • Fixed bottom border.
  • Search & Asset Views
    • Standardized delete buttons across views.
  • Network Devices Report
    • Added filter for Virtual Servers.
  • Server Dashboard
    • Display multiple hard rive sensors.
  • Quick Search
    • Display Custom Properties that have a date.