RAMP Version 3.10

New Features

  • Added integration with Asset Vue RFID Tracking

    Note: RAMP 3.10 has been tested with Asset Vue release 2.12. Integrating RAMP 3.10 with other Asset Vue software releases has not been tested and may or may not be successful. Refer to RAMP 3.10 User Guide for the implementation details to integeate RAMP 3.10 with Asset Vue.

  • Added support for web-based documentation

  • Enhanced Advanced search functionality
    • Racks show projected power last value

    • Devices show rack units

    • Devices show model template power

Device Support

  • Added support for:
    • Eaton Pulsar STS 16

    • Lenovo S2200

    • trap definitions for IBM DS3524

    • HP_3PAR

    • 3PAR InServ F400

    • HP P2000

    • HP_MSA

    • Extreme Networks assets

    • IMS Rack Models

    • Universal Electric Starline Busway model(s)

    • Intel server models

    • new Tripp Lite traps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Location Power Breakdown’s Power Usage column displaying different values

  • Fixed drag and drop functionality to place a RPDU as a zero-u device within a rack

  • Fixed removing background image from location layout.

  • Fixed displaying panel schedule on multiple panels PDUs

  • Fixed invalid “Connectivity lost” warnings for power meters

  • Fixed the ability to associate a power meter with utility or a generator

  • Fixed browser error when exporting the report including column = “row” on a saved search