RAMP Version 3.14

DATE: 17.August.2018

Contents of the Release




A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Manager, RAMP Data Analyzer and SNMP Trap Listener for 3.14.0


A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Data Collector 3.14.0


Windows MSI file containing images for all the devices supported in RAMP 3.14.0

New Features

  • Updated Hangfire Pro Redis to 2.2.2

  • Updated Hangfire Pro to 2.1.1

  • Added option in Asset Vue settings to enable creating and deleting assets from RAMP to Asset Vue

  • Increased the timeout for Asset Vue API calls

  • Added support for UCS Manager versions 3.2, 3.1, and 2.2

Changes in Behavior

Prior to RAMP Release 3.14.0: RAMP automatically creates and deletes assets in Asset Vue when Asset Vue setting is turned on.

Starting with RAMP Release 3.14.0: The user can now control whether RAMP can automatically create and delete assets in Asset Vue when Asset Vue setting is turned on.

Prior to RAMP Release 3.14.0: RAMP will not display UAS (Unavailable Seconds) for Radwin devices.

Starting with RAMP Release 3.14.0: RAMP will display UAS (Unavailable Seconds) for Radwin devices.

Supported Upgrade Path

Direct or one-step migration of RAMP Database from prior RAMP software releases to RAMP 3.14.0 are supported for following RAMP software releases:

  • RAMP 3.11

  • RAMP 3.12

  • RAMP 3.13

End of Life

With the release of 3.14.0, release 3.11 and earlier software releases are now declared to be End-of-Life.

Customers running release 3.11 or earlier software releases should upgrade to a newer software release within next 2 months from the General Availability of release 3.14

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed server disk utilization threshold error found in RAMP 3.13

  • Fixed the ability to switch between discovery settings without automatically enabling or disabling a protocol

New Devices Supported

  • Jacarta EMS

  • Radwin 5000

New Models Supported


Known Issues



7213 - In some cases the software list can get corrupted with newer versions of Linux


7214 - The software list does not display the complete list

Use the pagination feature in RAMP

7163 - The integration between RAMP and Asset Vue does not support shelved assets


Changes in Version 3.14.1

New Features

  • Enhancements the the security of the Redis database subsystem.

  • Enhancements to Cisco UCS Power Monitoring.

Device Support


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Redis database driver to crash under very high load conditions.

Changes in Version 3.14.2

New Features

  • Enhancements to the Asset Vue global settings, the user can now use the “Verification Status” of an asset in Asset Vue to control if updates are pushed from RAMP.

  • Enhancements the Asset Vue section in the asset properties page to:
    1. Display the “Verification Status” of an asset.

    2. Allow the user to Force an update from RAMP to Asset Vue.

Device Support


Bug Fixes


Changes in Version 3.14.3

New Features


Device Support


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused RAMP to push unknown models to Asset Vue on updates.

Changes in Version 3.14.4

New Features

  • Improved RAMP performance in the navigational tree

  • Improved RAMP performance when monitoring is turned off for a device

Device Support


Bug Fixes


Changes in Version 3.14.5

New Features

  • Added server hardware to the advanced search searchable properties

  • Added a global database setting to allow user to turn on/off monitoring for newly created/discovered assets

  • Added a bulk action in advanced search to turn monitoring on and off for selected assets

Device Support

  • Avocent DSR2030

  • Dell PowerEdge R720

  • Eaton Power Xpert Gateway definition enhancements

  • Cisco Nexus 5596

  • Cisco Nexus 3548

  • HP DL360 Gen 8 SE and Gen 9 definition enhancement

  • Server Technologies Sentry4

  • Packet Power Ethernet Gateway definition enhancement

  • Sinetica Hawk i3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect message is displayed if there is less than 1 day until license expiration

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes patch panel setup connections panel doesn’t display connections properly

  • Fixed an issue where UCS monitoring cannot retrieve all sensor information

  • Fixed an issue where manufacturers drop-down doesn’t show all manufacturers when adding a new model

  • Fixed an issue where Asset Vue verification status shows wrong color when asset properties view is loaded

  • Fixed an issue where the global operating systems view does not display devices using selected operating system

  • Fixed an issue where in some situations workflow information is not saved

  • Fixed an issue where installed software is not reported correctly for some linux operating

  • Fixed an issue where a read-only user can access the edit button for a device’s power source

  • Fixed an issue where cable name is missing from results in basic search results panel

Known Issues



7290 - In some cases Internet Explorer 11 exhibits odd behavior and does not display images correctly.

Use a different browser