RAMP Version 3.15

DATE: 05.January.2019

Contents of the Release




A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Manager for 3.15.0


A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Data Collector 3.15.0 and RAMP SNMP Trap Listener


Windows MSI file containing images for all the devices supported in RAMP 3.15.0

Improvements and New Features

  • Updated Hangfire Pro to 2.1.2

  • Improved speed and accuracy of SSH protocol definitions for the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems

  • Improved speed and accuracy of CPU utilization monitoring for the Ubuntu and CentOS Linux operating systems

  • Improved handling of file system detection on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux systems that have Docker containers and SNAP packages installed

  • Improved Sinetica Powerhawk 2 Definition

  • And over 200 various Improvements, bug fixes and optimizations

Changes in Behavior

Starting with RAMP Release 3.15.0: RAMP will show all devices in the zero-U table in a rack regardless of device size.

Starting with RAMP Release 3.15.0: The RAMP “Location Power Breakdown” report removed a redundant column labeled “Total Power”.

Supported Upgrade Path

Direct or one-step migration of RAMP Database from prior RAMP software releases to RAMP 3.14.0 are supported for following RAMP software releases:

  • RAMP 3.12

  • RAMP 3.13

  • RAMP 3.14

End of Life

Releases older than 3.12 are now considered End-of-Life. Customers running earlier software releases are encouraged to upgrade.

Please consult our upgrade guide or contact our support team if you have any questions.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed issue where a licensing error might cause some fields to be un-editable

  • Fixed an issue where “New” and “Clear” buttons do not save entered information in “Command Notification” dialog

  • Fixed an SNMP definition issue for certain small Tripp.Lite UPS devices

New Devices Supported

  • DeepSea Generator Controller

  • AKCP 5ESV-X60 Environment Monitor

  • Panduit P16E26M Rack PDU

  • Packet Power Wireless Ethernet Gateway Version 4 (EG4)

New Models Supported

  • APC ACDA901

  • Liebert FH240GUBAM

  • Liebert BF071WGBAM

  • Liebert UDB63127C36AA55

  • Liebert EXC20021

  • Liebert PPB200C

  • Liebert EXC200

  • Square D/MHC35S

  • GE/RP 6B

  • Cisco Nexus N9K-C9372PX-E

Known Issues


Changes in Version 3.15.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused a RAMP user to be unable to change the power source of a device when it is changed from a metered to an un-metered source.

  • Fixed an issue with database migrations that caused the migration script to stop and emmit errors while checking if migrations for releases older than 3.9 were applied.