Launching RAMP DCIM

Connecting to the User Interface from Your Browser

The RAMP DCIM user interface is accessed through your Internet browser. The web address will be dependent on the server on which the software was installed. Enter one of the following from your web browser:

  • http://hostname (where hostname is the name of server)

  • http://ip_address (where ip_address is the IP address of server)

Note: If accessing RAMP DCIM using Internet Explorer 8, it is recommended that you turn off compatibility mode.


The RAMP DCIM login screen will be displayed.

The default username/password for the administrator account is *admin/ramp*.

You can select a different language from the Language drop-down list.

Once successfully logged in, the RAMP DCIM overview screen will be displayed.


Note that your overview screen will look different depending on how your visual view has been configured.