Tab Navigation

Whenever a new window is opened, whether by selecting a device or location from the tree control, performing a search, or selecting a menu option, a new tab will be created at the top of the screen. You can move between these windows by simply clicking on the tab for the window you want to view.


In the screen shot above, All Rack PDUs/RPPs is the current view. There are also tabs for a location, a server, status, a rack PDU, and a roll-up of all racks. To switch to another window, click on the view you want to see.

Note: Values do not take into account unplaced and reserved assets.

You can close a view by clicking on the X in the tab.


Right-clicking on a tab will give you options for closing one or more tabs.


Close Tab – close only the selected tab

Close Other Tabs – close all but selected tabs

Close All Tabs – close all tabs, including selected tab

Only 8 tabs will remain open at one time. If 8 tabs are already active, opening a new tab will automatically close the oldest tab.