Adding or deleting discoveries#

Adding a discovery#

Adding a discovery will create a base record to discover assets to a specific location and using a specific Data Collector. You must subsequently update the discovery’s details to specify IP addresses, protocols, and other details. If the Data Collector is retired in future, another existing Data Collector must be assigned in its place.

  1. Go to Discoveries → Overview → Add.

  2. Enter details as follows:

  • Provide a Name for the discovery.

  • Specify the Data Collector that will be used.

  • Specify the Location where the newly discovered assets will be added.

  • Specify the Discovery Type (General, VMware, or IxOS), or leave as default (General).

  1. Click Create.


By default, discoveries are sorted alphabetically in the Discoveries → Overview grid. However, upon creation new discoveries will appear as the last entry in grid. If the grid spans multiple pages, the new discovery will appear as the last entry on the last page.

Deleting a discovery#

  1. Go to Discoveries → Overview.

  2. Click the three dots on the discovery row → Delete → Delete.