Troubleshooting Tools#

The Linux version of the Data Collector comes with a set of troubleshooting tools that can help in troubleshooting discovery and monitoring issues.

Below is a list of those tools and their functions:

  1. BacnetIpWalkerCli is used for BACnet/IP protocol troubleshooting

  2. IpmiScannerCli is used for IPMI protocol troubleshooting

  3. ModbusTcpWalkerCli is used for Modbus protocol troubleshooting

  4. PortScannerCli is used to ping remote protocol ports, e.g. port 22 for SSH to see if the device responds

  5. SnmpGetCli is used for SNMP protocol troubleshooting

  6. VmwareDumpCli is used for VMWare protocol troubleshooting

Other general tools bundled with the data collector are:

  1. RegistrationCli is used to register the Data Collector as part of the installation and reconfiguration process, or manually

  2. UpdateLinksCli is used to refresh update links when checking for Data Collector updates


These tools are meant to be used when working with the Hyperview support team to troubleshoot discovery and monitoring issues.