User Accounts#

You need a user account or API client account to use Hyperview. Every account has a role that dictates which assets can be accessed and which application features you can access.

Available roles are:


All users (including those with read-only roles) can manage their account profile, saved searches, and asset watchlist.




Has unrestricted, system-wide access in Hyperview and is not impacted by asset access policies

Data Center Manager

Has complete asset management privileges but cannot run or configure discoveries, administer accounts, view the application log, or make system-wide changes

Power User

Has Data Center Manager-level privileges but cannot delete or bulk-delete records


Has read-only access to Hyperview for reporting purposes

Read Only

Has read-only access to Hyperview

You can perform tasks related to user accounts from the Account Management portal (Account → Account Management).

To exit the Account Management portal and return to the Hyperview screen, simply click the Hyperview logo or press the Back button in your browser.